Automate Your Hiring Process

TalentNest is a fully integrated recruitment and retention platform with built-in assessment tools, allowing automotive dealerships to keep pace with the latest HR tools. The science behind our software automates the screening process and helps accurately predict a candidate’s potential and performance over time, which means a larger pool of better-qualified candidates for you to choose from.

Our process provides:

  • Unlimited candidate screening
  • Job-specific profile tools
  • Increased candidate flow and an improved candidate experience
  • Support for employee and customer referrals
  • Candidate ranking by assessment results
  • Simplified data storage for single-point and multi-franchise dealers
  • Individual and group branding for recruitment websites
  • Multiple layers of access so you can regulate who sees what
  • Candidate tracking resources
  • Comprehensive real-time analytics
  • Screening filters designed specifically for automotive dealerships

TalentNest's proprietary process is designed to improve your chances of finding the right fit for the job, your business and your company culture.